About us

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Richard was a self-taught photographer with over thirty years of experience.  He began back in the day of film photography capturing shots of flowers in his backyard.  His interests developed over the years and he spent many years traveling the country in hopes of capturing just the right shot!  Our National Parks and Wildlife Refuges have been the backdrop for much of his work. 

More recently, his focus was diverted after spending time at Star Wars Canyon in Death Valley taking photos of jets on their pass thru.  Aviation photography, whether at Start Wars Canyon or traditional airshows has been a large part of Richard's body of work.


Zachary, Richard's youngest son, has followed in his footsteps as a self taught photographer.  Focusing on a love of travel, aviation and wildlife, Zachary continues to search for that perfect photograph. 

Through the encouragement of family and friends, the inspiration of his father, and a love of photography,  Zachary continues to learn and develop my craft in order to present photos that appeal to a broad array of interests. 


We hope you enjoy!


Maggie, Richard's devoted wife of 47 years, has the eye for presentation, color, and finish.  Her framing and matting complete the package and truly transform Richard and Zachary's photographs into works of art.   


I hope you enjoy!